Supreme Gleam Team

About Us

Every Space Is Different

Each and every property is different as well as the cleaning schedules and regimens they require. Most cleaning companies treat each office space exactly the same, not Supreme Gleam Team, we recognize that each and every area of your property is unique and with that comes unique situations and challenges that must be addressed. Supreme Gleam Team gives every space the attention it deserves and will never utilize “Short cut” methods when servicing your property.

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Let's Start Off On The Right Foot

We know each office property is unique, which means each property needs its own unique cleaning plan. Supreme Gleam Team is proud to offer three unique cleaning plans that you can choose from based on your company’s needs, budget and schedule. Our electrostatic disinfection plan is the Supreme choice for sanitizing and disinfecting for the commercial cleaning market and we can tailor this plan to accommodate your specific needs and requirements.

24 Hour Availability & Assistance

Whether your property is small or expansive, preventative and proactive measures for disinfection should be in place. Supreme Gleam Team has you covered to address any area of your office space and utilize measures that disinfect and sanitize to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Supreme Gleam Team has 24 hour availability and can tailor a disinfecting and sanitizing schedule that can accommodate your unique hours of operation.

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Customized Plans To Fit Every Budget

Your office space is unique, so your cleaning plan should be as well. Supreme Gleam Team offers tailored schedules and plans to fit and work with any size budget. Supreme Gleam Team will implement a cleaning plan that will keep your needs and requirements in mind along with your company’s budget. Supreme Gleam Team strives to accomplish your company’s goals with diligence and hard work and will provide the services you are looking for each and every time we visit.

Why Supreme Gleam Team?

In addition to having the tools, technology, and advanced processes necessary for thorough cleaning and disinfection, we also:

  • Provide a team of professional, commercial cleaning specialists who are fully insured and bonded
  • Customize your cleaning schedule based on your budget, needs and requirements
  • 24 hour availability and will usually respond to emergencies within two hours.