Stain Guard,
Catonsville, MD

Guard Against Accidents and Spills

Works great on carpet, upholstery, rugs, stone, tile & grout. Our unique formula not only protects against spills and soil but also allows all the surfaces to breathe properly thus not changing the texture or feel of any treated surface! This solvent sealer has no VOCs. (Volatile Organic Compunds)

With Stain Guard Protection, mostly all accidents and spills can be removed by simply blotting them with a clean white cloth.

Keep It Cleaner For Much Longer

One reason to have Stain Guard applied right after a professional cleaning is to preserve that “just cleaned” look that everyone loves. No one wants to have a professional cleaning done just to have it dirty again in a month or so. Having your carpet or furniture Stain Guarded will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your carpet, rug, and or upholstery have that extra layer of protection and will stay cleaner for much, much longer.