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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No! It depends on which service plan you choose.
Supreme Gleam Team provides two distinct service plans: 
A)  Refresh Clean Plan: In this plan, we do not handle vacuuming, and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the areas are vacuumed before our team arrives. However, customers have the option to request pre-vacuuming from us for an additional cost. 
B)  Deep Clean Plan: This plan includes a commercially powered pre-vacuum as part of the service, offering a comprehensive cleaning solution for our customers.
Simply ask your booking specialist for more details.
Absolutely! 90% of our business is because of children and or pets so the products we use are safe with no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Supreme Gleam Team can help move certain medium sized, to smaller items upon arrival however, large, heavy items will not be moved if it is considered unsafe and or may pose a risk of damage or harm to property, the item itself and or the technician. 
If your home has pets, children, smokers, or just high foot traffic in general, you will need a cleaning more often than the alternative. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned twice a year. This helps keep your home and office free of dust mites and trapped pollutants that can cause health hazards and bad indoor air quality.
Absolutely. STAIN GUARD is an outstanding product that is HIGHLY recommended by industry professionals. In fact, most all new carpet has a Stain Guard on it — applied by the actual carpet manufacturer. However, Stain Guard wears off because of traffic on the carpet, frequent vacuuming, professional cleaning, etc. We recommend reapplying after every professional cleaning.
We use a method called “Hot Water Extraction,” more commonly known as “steam cleaning.” This method is by far the most popular because the carpet manufacturers recommend this method — it picks up the dirt without harming the fabric. This process helps to loosen the grime, dirt, debris, and soil that can lurk — often unseen — in your carpets.
Our stain-removal success rate is very high. We’ve seen it all 🙂 However, we cannot guarantee that we can remove all stains. Some are difficult or simply impossible to completely remove, but we will do everything we can to set your expectations before cleaning.
You can walk on your carpets as soon as we walk out the door (we will leave a pair of booties for each member of your household), but we recommend a very limited traffic path until it’s entirely dry. When transitioning from wet carpet to flat surfaces, like tile and hardwood, be EXTREMELY careful, because it will be very slippery.
 Do you clean Area Rugs in my home or do I bring my Area Rugs to you?
Yes and No! It depends on the service method you choose.
We offer four distinct methods for cleaning your area rug:
1. Very Low Moisture (VLM): Utilizing the Bonnet-style cleaning method, this approach involves minimal moisture, making it suitable for homes with area rugs on hardwood floors. This ensures that the rug is cleaned without being left damp, preventing potential damage to the floor.
2. On Location Top Down Steam Cleaning: Similar to steam cleaning carpets, we use hot water extraction to clean your area rug at your home or business. This method is employed when the rug can either be left in place or moved to a location where moisture won’t affect the underlying floor.
3. Pick up and Delivery Steam Cleaning: Following the same process as On Location hot water extraction, this method is conducted at our facility. An additional drying step is included to ensure your area rug is thoroughly dried before being rolled up, packed, and delivered back to you, ready for immediate use or long-term storage.
4. Pick up and Delivery Deep Clean: This process begins with bottom-to-top dusting of your area rug, gently beating both sides. The rug is then immersed in our cleaning bath, allowing specialized cleaning agents to thoroughly penetrate every part for a deep clean. After rinsing with our powerful centrifuge (spin dryer), the rug is hung to dry in our humidifying room until it is ready for packing and delivery, ensuring it is ready for immediate use or long-term storage.
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