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Supreme Gleam Team Catonsville, MD

We'll Get Your Carpets Looking Supreme!

We believe your carpets are beautiful and plush additions to your home and or business and can be the single most expensive investment you can make. However, they can also be the cause of an unhealthy and unsightly environment if not regularly cleaned and maintained. When it comes to professional carpet cleaning. Supreme Gleam Team will make them look amazing. We have a 10 step cleaning process that virtually brings your carpets back to life. We offer a range of additional cleaning services, including area rugs, high-traffic stains, red stain removal, pet odor removal, and much more! Book online or call us to set up your appointment today.

Supreme Gleam Team Gets The Job Done Right!

Supreme Gleam Team has a crystal clear agenda: Offer exceptional service and exceed customer expectations. Our 10 step cleaning process is utilized every time we clean your home or business. This ensures every job is done right! You can rest assured that Supreme Gleam Team will get you and your carpets looking Supreme with every visit.
Supreme Gleam Team Catonsville, MD

Our 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Supreme Gleam Team has developed what we believe to be the best and healthiest carpet cleaning process. Using only the most advanced equipment, in combination with amazing cleaning agents, we will bring your indoor fibers and fabrics to a clean and healthy state. We leave behind the safest possible indoor environment for you and your family to enjoy.
Part of providing you with the best carpet cleaning service possible is starting by thoroughly inspecting and walking-through the property to assess and address all areas of concern. We clearly explain procedures and processes to help you understand what to expect out of the cleaning.
Before the cleaning process is started we will set up the service areas with walk-off mats, moving blankets and corner guards to help protect your home.
We thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas being cleaned with our commercial grade workhorse vacuums. These vacuums have extremely powerful motors that help extract much more soil and particulates from your carpets than even the best residential vacuum!
Next, (If spot and stain removal add on is purchased) we spot any special stains with carefully chosen professional products to loosen and remove them during steam extraction. Some examples of stains we can remove – gum, wax, red stains, soda, and pet urine and odor. (Please note that not all spots and or stains can be removed and that there is no guarantee that they can be)
We then apply an emulsifier pretreatment all over the carpet, chosen for your specific carpet type and soiling level. Treatments are an essential part of the carpet cleaning process and is why pre-inspection is important. Each home has different types of carpet and we have the knowledge and experience to choose the best products to get the best result.
The carpet is gently buffed with an oscillating brush machine to completely break soil and grease away from the carpet fiber. Our soft carpet brush does not damage the fibers but provides enough power to fully emulsify the dirt.
Next we utilize the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. The carpet is rinsed with 210 degree hot water and simultaneously wet-vacuumed, thus the term “hot water extraction”. This method is the only method recognized to be the most thorough cleaning you can do for your carpets.
After the cleaning, we apply our Solvent Sealer Protector (If stain guard add on is purchased) which is safe for all carpet and upholstery types and fabrics. By protecting your carpets we provide you with the best carpet cleaning. Carpet protector helps the carpet regain its stain resistance that was applied during manufacturing that may have worn off over time or use. It is highly recommended to apply a Protector after EVERY clean to ensure your carpet investment maintains its appearance and integrity over time.
One of the final steps in providing you with the an excellent carpet cleaning experience is our Speed Dry. We place specialized carpet drying fans to assist in drying the carpet faster. These fans greatly reduce dry times and also minimizes browning, wicking and re-spotting.
Our final step involves YOU, our valued customer. We walk you through how the cleaning went and show you all that was accomplished during your cleaning service, if there are any additional recommendations we might have for you, or if there were any complications during the cleaning we let you know at this time. We believe in open communication and excellent customer service. We invite you to review our service and be a part of supporting our local carpet cleaning business.
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